Dari Heli misionaris hingga heli pendulang emas di rimba Korowai

Jayapura, nirmeke.com As an activist for humanitarian workers volunteers for the Papua Kopkedat Corps, Yan Akobiarek said it was more difficult to ask helicopters to transport medicines compared to transporting gold miners from the corners to the Korowai panning site.

“When I need Heli, just take the medicine half dead and also for the sick to get medical treatment in the city is difficult. Only one HELIVIDA or its name since HELIMISION is the only rescuer of Papuans in the interior who have served for years,” he said.

Yan also added, their missionaries came to use Heli not to steal the wealth of ordinary people in the interior, if only their intention to steal might have been done by the Helivida missionaries and pilots in the jungle of Korowai.

“Surely they have lifted people to the droop mine in the forest there, but there is nothing to do! They have a heart to wake up. Papua is not coming from abroad, looking for a meal of gold steal now happening in Korowai and its surroundings.

So we hope that all of us can protect the basic rights of the lay people who are lay people, not because of their shortcomings, we fix and fool them just like that. They need attention from everyone because gold can be a blessing and also a disaster.

“So the natural resources of rural people must be orderly so that they can be used as much as possible to build the community there. Because so far the distribution of development has not touched them optimally,” he hoped. (*)


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